Hazards from Induced Seismicity

Project Leader:  Gail M. Atkinson
Department of Earth Sciences
Western University, London, Ontario, Canada

1 – Probabilistic Evaluation of Seismic Hazards due to Induced Seismicity

  • Develop methodology to evaluate induced-seismicity hazards
  • Statistical modeling of activity in time and space
  • Magnitude-recurrence parameters for induced seismicity
  • Source model for induced-seismicity in hazard analysis framework

2 – The Evolution of Induced Seismicity

  • Develop a quality baseline seismicity catalogue
  • Characterize activity rates over time

3 – Characterization of Seismicity Patterns in Alberta

  • Improve earthquake locations and magnitudes
  • Improve regional velocity model and calibrate algorithms for event location
  • Calibrate magnitude algorithms
  • Identify areas where seismicity is clustered in time/space
  • Determine focal depths from a range of techniques

4 – Ground motion implications of induced seismicity

  • Ground-motion prediction equations (GMPEs) suitable for induced events
  • Near-distance ground motions and implications of focal depth on GMPEs

5 – Use of enhanced imaging tools to map induced seismicity

  • Identify events and source areas not seen with traditional seismic picking methods
  • Correlation of brightness function with information on oil and gas activities
  • Spectral stacking approaches to enhance signals identified with brightness function

6 – Integration of seismicity and geologic information

  • Correlate identified event clusters with geologic structures and energy-related activities
  • Coordinated with AGS 3D mapping initiative of subsurface structure and U of C geological images
  • Determine factors controlling both natural and induced seismicity