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Supplementary data – zip file

David W. Eaton and Ryan Schultz
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 The well and earthquake databases for the analyses conducted in this study available for download at:
Gail M. Atkinson, David W. Eaton, Hadi Ghofrani, Dan Walker, Burns Cheadle, Ryan Schultz, Robert Shcherbakov, Kristy Tiampo, Jeff Gu, Rebecca M. Harrington, Yajing Liu, Mirko van der Baan, and Honn Kao
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An Excel spreadsheet listing coefficients and parameters for the model used in this study is available here.

Gail M. Atkinson
Ground Motions from Three Recent Earthquakes in Western Alberta and Northeastern British Columbia and Their Implications for Induced‐Seismicity Hazard in Eastern Regions (Seismological Research Letters, 86, 3, doi: 10.1785/0220140195) Gail M. Atkinson, Karen Assatourians, Burns Cheadle, and D. Wesley Greig
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