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Gail M. Atkinson1*, David W. Eaton2, Hadi Ghofrani1, Dan Walker3, Burns Cheadle1, Ryan Schultz4, Robert Shcherbakov1, Kristy Tiampo1, Jeff Gu5, Rebecca M. Harrington6, Yajing Liu6, Mirko van der Baan5 and  Honn Kao, June 2015. “Hydraulic fracturing drives induced seismicity in the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin”.

1 Department of Earth Sciences, Western University.
2 Department of Geoscience, University of Calgary.
3 British Columbia Oil and Gas Commission.
4 Alberta Geological Survey.
5 Department of Physics, University of Alberta.
6 Department of Earth and Planetary Science, McGill University.
7 Natural Resources Canada.
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Year-by-year display of earthquake locations for events of M>2.5 from Composite Alberta Seismicity Catalogue ( ) and locations of multi-stage lateral hydraulic fracture wells.